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A little help!, please...

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Okay. I truly don't follow the 'politics' of the hobby, and maybe I should... upon reflection of the PNG/ICTA 'debacle', I do! understand the PNG part, but-- and this is where I ask your help-- WHO/WHAT/WHERE is ICTA???

1). WHO? are these people?

2). Are they appointed, or voted in 'office'? If voted, how long is their position held?

If appointed, by whom?

3). What is their charter?

4). What kind(s) of authority(ies) do they have over our hobby?

5). What qualifications make these people candidates for these positions?

6). How many positions are there?

7). Who 'gives' them their 'power'?

The questions about this 'organization' just keep flowing... your assistance is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!! confused.gif


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New Horizons, please see a response to your post from Todd Imhof, one of Pinnacle's owners, below:


Established in 1983, the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) is the numismatic & precious metal industry's government affairs organization in Washington, DC which monitors legislative and administration issues which could affect our businesses or hobby (i.e. Interstate collection of sales tax, insured postal fees and Broker & Cash reporting issues, etc.). ICTA staff regularly testifies before Congress and other federal and state government agencies regarding issues affecting our industry. For more information, you can go to their website:




General membership is open to anyone with a minimum dues payment of $250/year. There is no criteria or barriers for joining, however, to my knowledge (and not surprisingly), I believe the current membership is currently comprised of full-time dealers. ICTA has an executive staff of two people and a Board of Directors, of which Pinnacle's, Todd Imhof, was recently elected by the Board and is currently serving a two-year term as its Chairman. Steve Ivy (Heritage) is currently serving as Vice-Chairman. The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who are either elected by the general membership and other individuals who are asked to serve by the Board itself to serve a two-year term as well. Those elected by the general membership are first nominated from categories determined by their dues level. This typically ensures that the Board reflects the demographics of its membership (and the industry itself). i.e. from "Mom & pop" coin shops to the big auction houses to the grading services, etc.


Regarding the Grading Services Survey: This was primarily a PNG initiated and directed project. To their credit, PNG (which is a more "top heavy" organization) felt it important that the survey be mailed to the broadest cross-section of dealers possible so they approached the ICTA Board and asked if we would join them in this project and requested permission to survey our membership. The ICTA Board voted overwhelmingly to participate and make this a joint PNG / ICTA project. I would be happy to explain or debate the merits of this survey in greater detail at a later time if needed. But suffice to say; the ICTA Board and the VAST majority of its general membership felt this Survey was badly needed, supported the project and/or believe the results are accurate.


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What, with all the 'change' coming on-line with our change, you might want to take a few minutes, and read about these people!!! Consider, too, the continuing saga of our state quarters, commemoratives, etc.

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