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E-Bay shipping estimates BITE! (can I say that here?)

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To make a long story short, ( yea...this is ME, RI AL, I've NEVER made a long story short!!)...


Over the many MANY years of collecting, I have amassed about 2000 minor foreign coins from just about everywhere and a few nearby galaxies. I used to love this stuff as a kid...but now, it's in 6 shoe boxes in the basement, all organized by countries in zip lock bags and in flips or 2x2's (the flips...probably about 800 coins, were sold to me by a collector friend from when I was teaching school for very little $...I used a lot of them as rewards to get high school kids involved in collecting)


so much for the long story short part...


Anyway, I have decided to sell the coins off. Failed at my first few attempts on E-Bay but this time I've got a little action but I'm selling them pretty cheaply. I have 2 lots on, 65 India coins and 50 Hong Kong coins. Anyway, I weigh them up on my mail scale, add a couple of ounces for packing and use that total weight in my E-Bay description.


For the 65 India coins, I decided to do a little test run to see how accurate E-Bay rate estimates were. The shipping costs in my E-Bay description came up at $11 plus (I think that's more than I am asking for the coins). So, using my town of Podunk, Rhode Island, I got the zip code for our sister city, Podunk, California (I wanted it to be far away to get a worst case estimate) and plugged in the information on the U.S. postal rates site. The rate came up at around $6 for priority mail, same weight. Now I don't want to soak a buyer, probably a young collector, an extra $5 that the P.O. would get, So instead of printing out the mailing label on PayPal, I will take the coins to the P.O. and mail them myself and refund the difference to the buyer.


How many of you guys have found E-Bay shipping rate estimates excessive and how do you handle it?


Thanks!! RI AL

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Whats wrong with making money on shipping? The buyers bid is agreement to the payment terms. Oh I see, the buyers can neg sellers on the Bay and not vice versa. Never heard of an auction venue where the paying customers (sellers) are second class to the buyers.

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I found your lot of Indian coins and it gave me a cheaper price for priority mail than it did for parcel post. hm


Al If you decide to put up any German or Mexican coins up for sale please let me know I would be very interested! (thumbs u

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