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NNC...new grading service?...I 'm afraid most members don't like

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I'm afraid many members on this board don't like a kind of question asking what's XXX(new grading service) and neither do I wink.gif because they are basically alternatives of ACG.

But is it impossible that new decent grading company emerge in the future?

Is there no room for a new service to survive becase we already have ANACS/NGC/PCGS?

I was thinking such things while I was surfing eBay and found a coin in "NNC" holder.

Have you ever heared NNC? I asked this question to a board member over PM, but he didn't know. If you have saw coins in their holders in person, could you tell me how their grading skill is?

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I personally feel there is PLENTY of room for another grading company. The problem they are facing is attracting customers away from the already established TPGSs. Certainly, they won't have to do too much better to surpass the likes of SGS, PCI, ACG and NTC, but in order for them to do this, they will have to not only grade accurately and cosistently, but affordably with good PR and service.


If they can manage this, I would think they stand a chance of survival and maybe even compete with the top two. There would be no shame in taking a back seat to NGC and PCGS. IMO



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I have never heard of them either, and to tell the truth, until I have had the chance to look at a number of the coins they have graded in person at a show or in a dealers shop, I would not even consider thinking about buying a coin in one of their holders. Does this mean that they may not turn out to be just as good as NGC or PCGS at grading coins? No, but I would want to see first hand that they are at least as good as the top two before spending my money.


As for the second part of your question, I see no real reason why another top tier grading company could not emerge in the future if knowledgeable, honest people with extensive collector/dealer experience wanted to start it up and take on the top two. Will the market support another top tier grading company? I think it would depend on just how good they turned out to be. If they were as good or better, I think they would survive at the expense of the smaller less respected companies, if not I don’t think they would last long in this world.




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i just saw my first one last week thurs dec 4 and did a double take


someone mentioned on the other boards that it is just the pci grading service with another name and different slab


i do not know if this was said in jest or is true or false


i do know that since last thurs dec 4 i have called them every day a few times a day for the last week for some more information on them as i did see an ad in coin world the same day i saw the slab! and after calling them at least twice a day for a week with no answer nor even an answering service/machine hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


and the coin i saw in an nnc holder a common date graded by them as choice unc a morgan dollar was well a PIECE OF [!@#%^&^] flamed.gif which would have been bodybagged by ngc/pcgs as it was not even unc and harshly cleaned kind of like a no brainer coin to see this cleaning and again not even mintstate



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Thanks for interesting thoughts, folks.

I personally believe it's not easy for another proper grading service to emerge.

They have to spend/lose lots of money for promotion as mentioned above and employee to maintain their business until they gets popularity and enough submissions...not impossible but not easy.



Seems like you know everything about coins as always. Thanks for the info on NNC....but, but,.....when will you learn how to upload your icon? wink.gif27_laughing.gif

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Perhaps it waws simply a science fair project. insane.gif


I also saw an NNC holder recently. Can't remember the coin, as it was in an ad and didn't have a nickel in it! 27_laughing.gif


I think a new company like ANACS, NGC, or PCGS could be started but it would take a lot of $$$ and the reputation of an excellent grader to lead the pack. Then they'd have to play hard ball, which make a lot of folks mad since they don't get the grades they THINK they should get.



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Ditto what Hoot said. And ...


1) if the new TGS would accurately grade coins and ignore the 'market grade' system


2) be consistent


3) spend more than a mere 10 seconds per coin


4) check for FBL, FSB, etc. with a 10X loop


5) have a completely inert holder with pleasing eye-appeal


6) and mucho start up capitol


... then they even take the #1 spot if they maintain their credibility.

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