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Collecting Silver Eagle sets. Is it a good investment or a lot of Hype?

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I've been collecting ASE's for several years but during the time the 20th Anniversary collection and Burnished coins came around in 2006 I became very ill and 2006 to 2007 wasn't a good time to really think about my collection sitting in the hospital. I was just wondering if you think buying the 3 coin A-E 20th Anniversary set and the 3 coin 2006-2007-2008 Burnished set was a good investment for the money they are selling for at this time or are collectors just stirring things up to increase there profits. Thanks Beck

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Beck, I think long term prospect for ASE price appreciation is good because of the coin's popularity, beauty and eye appeal. Of course, getting the best price point for the coinage with the best eye appeal and quality is another thing all together.

Note: I have collected ASE since 1986-date, Have not sold any coins.



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This all depends on your goals as a collector, investor or dealer.


Since ASE is a bullion product regardless if its UNC or Proof it remains bullion.


Collecting in albums is perhaps better than having them certified and graded because to holder may not be practical for resale.


Major auction houses do not want modern bullion item unless they are graded 70 for the purpose of Registry.


Now if you purchase for the spot bullion price play and the price of silver becomes $25/oz or more then you can resell your collection if you had purchased UNC's at $10/oz.


AS for grading ASE from the USMint the quality of the items can vary from 66 to 70. The average in my experience has been 68.8 for gold proof sets.


I have tried to sell my collection 1987-2007(39.5 oz) three times to Heritage at the peak of spot @ $1,000/oz gold last March and they declined my offer @ $1,025/oz.


All of these coins are certified and graded. They recommended that I crack them out and put them back into the orginal blue mint box. I said really? Even when you have knowledge of its grade or condition? Go figure the logic on this one and you will come to the conclusion its a waste of time and money to have them certified/graded unless you are a stock holder in the TPGS.


So there you have it with the bark on. Not sure I was able to help you decide. Other collectors may have had a different experience and will be more positive in their recommendations. :banana:

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Beck, ASEs at these premiums don't seem like a good deal to me, unless you feel silver is going over $20. From 1986 to 2008 they were $2 ot $3 over spot, it's only the recent supply problems that have pushed margins to $4 and $5 over.


The 3-Coin sets are cheaper than they've ever been after the initial hooplah from their $110 issue.


The aftermarket burnished premiums are coming down a bit, esp. the '06 and 08 rev 07 - wait a little while longer and you should be able to get them for a decent price.


itsnowtoo, proof AGEs in slabs are tough sells, the premium today is much higher than your $1025 if they're in the original box with papers - apparently the IRA programs are still buying them up.



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