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IF you have just sold your set of matte proof lincolns...what would you buy?

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title thread from across the street




myself i would buy..............................................as much as i could of the below


small eagle bust dollar nicely circulated

gem flying eagle cent?

colonial massachusetts pine tree shilling nicely circulated

choice au better date three dollar gold pieces??

better date civil war choice au seated dollars??

flowing hair half dimes nicely circulated?


CHAIN CENT nicely circulated??

flowing hair half dollars nicely circulated??

wreath cents nicely circulated??

gem proof morgan dollars??

nicely circulated classic head 5 and 2 1/2 dollar gold coins??









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best choice of the above, for me, would be the flowing hair half dimes. Wow.

But how many can you get for the price of a set of Matte PROOF Lincolns?




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I'm afraid I'd let the money sit for a while, and see what happens to the market.


If I forced to spend the money right away, I'd put it toward filling the two biggest holes in my type set, the 1796 not stars quarter eagle and the 1796-7 half dollar. Sadly the value of a set of Matte Lincoln cents, regardless of the grade would only be a drop in the bucket against those two. :(

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a really nice xf/au original never dipped 1794 half dime wouyld be super cool to own but i bet they are almost impossible ot find and terribly undervlaued as they are small coins


a gem flyer a real gem fully struck evenly colored cameoed semi prooflike business strike coin with claims to ms66 i think is less than 1% of the current coins in pcgs/ngc gem holders


also most all graded ms 65 flyers are really not full true gems a really sexy unique american coin with the flying eagle obverse

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