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Rainbow Toned Morgan Dollars from the Lehigh Collection

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I am selling of a significant portion of my collection. This thread will start the sale with 10 rainbow toned Morgan Dollars. I will list a description, price, and photo for each coin. Anyone interested in a particular coin should send me a PM. The prices listed are fair IMO, but I will entertain reasonable offers on any coin listed. If you would like additional photos, including slab photos, please PM me as well. I will offer an unconditional 30 day return policy to any forum member that buys one of my coins, however I will not pay for return shipping.


Coin#1: Morgan Dollar 1879-S NGC MS63--------Price: $114 (3X wholesale)


This coin is unusually toned with mottled cobalt blue and plum coloration on the peripheries. The toning is more pronounced on the obverse as shown below. The strike is solid for the issue and the surface marks are typical for the grade. Numismedia Wholesale $38





Coin#2: Morgan Dollar 1880-S NGC MS64---------Price: $75 (1.5X wholesale)


The obverse is attractively toned in sea foam green and ocean blue with dappled russet. Clean surfaces and an average strike for the year. Numismedia Wholesale $50






Coin#3: Morgan Dollar 1881-S NGC MS64 Textile---------Price: $200 (4X Wholesale)


A glorious toned coin touting patches of violet, mustard yellow, moss green, and chestnut swimming in an ocean of blue. An untoned reverse and typical 81-S strike combine with high end 64 surfaces to make this a spectacular coin. All this and textile toning. Textile toning is when the pattern of the canvas bag is imparted on the coin. It is rare, attractive, and ensures originality. The textile dots can be seen both on the cheek and in the left obverse field. Numismedia Wholesale $50






Coin#4: Morgan Dollar 1881-S PCGS MS65----------Price: $400 (3X Wholesale)


A spectacular toned Morgan with intermingled purple, lime green, gunmetal blue, orange, and magenta on the obverse with an essentially untoned reverse. Numismedia Wholesale ($135)






Coin#5: Morgan Dollar 1881-S NGC MS65----------Price: $200 (1.5X Wholesale)


One of the most interesting Morgans I have ever encountered. This coin is attractive but not meant for the average collector. A toning enthusiasts coin only, beginners need not apply. A little more than half of the obverse is blanketed in a milky apricot lavender patina that mutes the luster. The other half is covered in intermingled lemon & lime over semi-prooflike surfaces. There is a triangle of orange at 4 o'clock that is iridescent in nature and turns blue when rotated under the light. The reverse is untoned. Attractive? YES, Unusual? YES, For everyone? NO! Numismedia Wholesale: $135






Coin#6: Morgan Dollar 1885 NGC MS63----------Price: $50 (Numismedia Retail)


A starter coin for the toned collector. A pretty progression of powder blue, sunshine yellow, and orange magenta on the obverse of this common date BU Morgan. Numismedia Wholesale $42






Coin#7: Morgan Dollar 1885 NGC MS64----------Price: $220 (4X Wholesale)


Another coin for the toning enthusiast. A crescent toned Morgan usually displays untoned surfaces where the other coin laid. This crescent toned beauty has taken on a vibrant powder blue color before yielding to a crescent of gold-magenta-and cyan. The reverse is untoned. Numismedia Wholesale $55






Coin#8: Morgan Dollar 1887 NGC MS64*----------Price: $200 (4X Wholesale)


A gorgeous toned coin with the star designation. Striking bands of light tan, powder blue, gold, magenta, royal blue, and emerald green adorn the lower half of the obverse of this Morgan. A decent strike, typical marks for the grade, and good luster make this a desirable piece for sure. Numismedia Wholesale $50






Coin#9: Morgan Dollar 1887 MS64* Battle Creek----------Price $125 (2.5X Wholesale)


The obverse is untoned and there are some fingerprints in the left field for accuracy. The reverse shows a beautiful crescent of gold, powder blue, yellow, orange, and magenta. Just try to get a Battle Creek for less, I dare you. Numismedia Wholesale $50






Coin#10: Morgan Dollar 1887 MS65* Battle Creek----------Price $300 (2.25X Wholesale)


Another reverse crescent toned Battle Creek coin this time in gem status. Vibrant thin bands of gold, powder blue, yellow, magenta, green, and violet grace the lower reverse. The obverse is untoned.






Stayed tuned, much more to come.

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