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NCS Response to Question of "Altered Surfaces"

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Chriss: [Your Response]


"........ Coins that are in NCS holders with "altered surfaces" most often are coins that have had their surfaces specifically altered in a way to make them appear to be something they are not. Most often this is a treatment to either the devices or fields to give the appearance of a cameo proof."


Paraphrasing: "...most often are coins that have had their surfaces specifically altered.." Most? What of the other coins that appear different for an unknown reason? How does one prove a coin has NOT been altered?NCS doesn't give a reason or explanation to this descriptive term is put on a label, "Altered Surfaces".


Yes, this is exactly what I was trying to point out and you responded so as not to reveal information to the submitter as to HOW or CAUSE of the alteration. This may be that NCS does not know the cause or is unable to define 'alteration' in a clear and concise manner. This opinion is worthy of payment for services rendered? I think not.


Therefore I have posted this question on the Collectors Societies and other Message Board's which you may have already accessed and read both pro and con on the question that was asked. "Altered Surface", The need for a more comprehensive definition?


Before we can limit or eliminate this deceptive practice of alteration we must first identify the cause and then identify the observable evidence such as chemical or physical applications or methods and then categorize it just as NCS or any other third party grading service would do for a counterfeit coin.


This term "Altered Surfaces" at times, leads to disappointment and loss in value of raw coins, as well as, resubmission's to grade and loss of grading fees to the third party grading services. No specific cause or evidence is given when a coin is returned with the generic term "Altered Surface". The return is based on an opinion that may or may not be true.


What are the options of the submitter to challenge that opinion?










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