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AT or NT Morgan?

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hard to say from the photo looks highly questionable toning to me and not acceptable in my minds eye for my collection or someone who asks me aboujt the coin again from the photo even if sight seen it is sort of more NT than AT


hence highly questionable toning


but a guesstimate would be dipped out chemically abraided surfaces then secondary ugly retoning; more quickly because of the stripped surfaces


not good or bad it is what it is

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The colors look a little off to me but it doesn't immediately strike me as AT. The coin is not very valuable to start with (AU common date), so trying to hide flaws with toning is out of the question. If this is an attempt at trying to produce toning that would bring a hefty premium, again failure because there is no demand for an AU rainbow 1884-O Morgan since there are so many affordable MS examples available. Having said all that, it could be a coin doctor experimentation piece.


Now that I am done rambling, I will actually give my opinion. The coin has apparent characteristics of both NT and AT, but my guess is that photo has been color enhanced and that this is simply an NT (market acceptable) toned Morgan Dollar.

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Naturally toned with a juiced picture.

My Interpretation of what the coin will look like in hand.

Grade does not look to enticing either



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