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unknown NGC slab

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I think I am gong to like edgeview. I like the new holder, hologram etc but don't have any edgeview in hand. Just posted NGC image of my first and I think it does look great. As people say, it lets the light in..

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Anyone familiar with this slab? Condor?????


NGC slab???




(Slab Affectionato)





(Rib Slab Affectionato)


We all knew exactly who you were referring to in order to help identify this NCG holder, but I was once again compelled to identify the correct entity.



I would think by now he responds to both.

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Wow !! I really like the new clear inserts for smaller coins. :golfclap:




Dude, Irvin , this for real? I mean , that's not a photoshop job is it? :wishluck:

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At the '09 Luncheon , ' Mad Marty ' asked the question I usually ask about why NGC doesn't offer the clear insert as an option and Scott Schecter said it was not going to happen because the white insert is the 'NGC Trademark' . Bummer....I'd send in at least 30 of my smaller coins for re-holder right away if they would do this. They can obviously get these gaskets/inserts in any size if they put just about anything slab-able in the NCS holders with the clear inserts .


Well , the white inserts do look good for some fo the larger coins , but small stuf gets lost in inserts . I like the new prong holder inserts but again , not with the smaller coins ( dime and below) .


I was about to start looking for another submission form until I re-read the whole post and followed the links.


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Yes I do answer to both although I would rather not be thought of as an ugly carrion eater. I prefer my meals at the roadside diner, not just the roadside. :D


As mentioned the slab from the original post is from the generation before they expanded the edge-view to all coins and it is rapidly being phased out. All denomination are supposed to be in the new edge view slabs by sometime next month.


Wow !! I really like the new clear inserts for smaller coins.

They have been using those clear inserts for over four years but only on California Fractionals and some very small world coins.


Frankly not using them for the smaller US coins is a little silly since they do use them in thier multi-coin holders because all the holes are the same size and the use the clear inserts to put the smaller coins in the large holes.



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