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curious about QDB's new grading book.

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........hello all! just wondering about the new grading book just out by QDB. i understand it's a pretty good book and has photos of all grades and coins. my question, does the book contain pics and grades of the sacs and prez bucks?

thanks to all.



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I think RI AL has it, but I'll wait for him to give a more thorough review. I flipped through it, but don't remember if it has new dollars (although, a grading book isn't going to help very much with uncirculated coins, and you aren't going to find too many circulated dollars.)

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I do have the new grading book. Out of a 1-10 scale, I would give it a 7.5. Actually I posted a detailed opinion a while back but I can't seem to find it now when I check back.


In brief, personally I prefer the ANA book. In the "Grading Coins by Photographs" book, the photos are real size and difficult to tell details. They are in color, however which is nice. The photos are enlarged in the ANA book though black and white. Easier to see specific points to look for.


New book gives a bit of history about each series. Each coin illustrated has a brief explaination of how it got the specific grade and little "issues" about each coin if warrented. (I believe all photos are from NGC or PCGS coins). What I miss is the information that the ANA book has about series and dates that have weak strikes though reference is made to weak strikes with some of the photos in the new book.


1792 half dismes are included in the new book.


One of the things I didn't like is that in the new book, grades like AU 50, 553, 55, 58 are grouped under 1 heading with no explaination of the differences or things to look for as far as details. Same with XF 40-45, VF 20-30 and so on. The ANA book breaks these grades up and gives specifics about each level. I'm hoping that this will be addressed with the next edition, whenever that will be.


Regarding dollars, Physics, George Washington and Madison dollars are included in "Grading Coins by Photographs" in AU and UNC grades.


"Grading Coins by Photographs" has some fun reading at the beginning. That's where I found the stuff about frying up silver coins to return to toned appearance, and J.Sanford Saltus who was cleaning coins with potassium syanide and accidently drank it (instead of his Ginger Ale). Exit one Mr. Saltus!


Now I use both books when I try to grade something that I see posted here on the BB. They are close in the standards. (Not to beat a really dead horse about the Liberty Nickel grade question, both books require that the I be visible in LIBERTY for the coin to grade Fine.)


I have found a couple of errors in the new book, and notified Whitman Publishing. I guess this is to be expected because there are a lot of coin photos and descriptions in the book. Overall, it's a good book and I do like it and would recommend it as a BASIC guide to grading. I think it's worth having.


Any specific questions?? I'll be glad to answer.

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Hey, Halfpint. Nope...no mention of the edge lettering (I assume you mean for the Presidential dollars). Feel free to ask all the questions you want!! Glad to help.





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