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The top 10 reasons why an 8 year old SHOULD dip coins!

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This is the companion to Keets' post across the street as to the top 10 reasons why an 8 year old shouldn't dip coins!


10. He’s still young and a virgin (Numismatically, that is).

9. Whatever he’s dipping probably came from change & is only worth face value anyway.

8. Any mistakes can actually be blamed on youthful indiscretion.

7. If he’s dipping coins he bought, they are probably inexpensive so when they’re ruined the difference between cost and face value is small

6. He’s being supervised by an adult parent who has collected coins and who will pass on his (the adult’s) wisdom as to how easy it is to ruin a coin by improper dipping.

5. He’ll learn that dipping a copper penny in jeweluster that’s been used to dip silver coins will turn the penny white

4. He’ll learn that leaving a silver coin in the dip too long will make it grey and very dull

3. He’ll learn that acid can burn if not quickly rinsed

2. He’ll learn that coins that are dipped but not rinsed look really bad after a few days or weeks.


BUT the #1 reason why an 8 year old SHOULD dip coins is: When he grows up and buys expensive coins he won’t have the urge to say - “I wonder what this would look like if I dipped it?” blush.gif (having gotten that out of his system as an 8 year old.)


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