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Time for a bit of early spring cleaning! These are all great coins, I've just upgraded them and need to make room for the new stuff. If you see something you like, make an offer. Check or money order, please. Enjoy!


All Prices reduced!!!!


1952 NGC MS-64 FBL: $85 now $80!

This 1952 is a fully brilliant beauty. Bright, flashy luster cartwheels around the coin, and the strike is full and bold. The bell lines are crisp and full, and, even more importantly, the wisps of hair and other details are all defined as well. Despite the FBL status, many coins often display weakness in other areas - this coin has none of that. The fields are smooth, without the bagmarks typically seen on this date. Sure to please the Franklin enthusiast, this coin is a 64+.




1954S NGC MS-64 FBL: $70 now $60!


This 1954S is an interesting coin. It definitely has a strong strike for the date, the bell lines are well defined. Franklin's hair detail is weak, but discernable. It has strong luster, and no color to mention. It does have a bit of a water spot issue predominantly on the reverse, which is what holds it back to a 64, but it is not too bad. There is also a small planchet flaw or lamination on his cheek, streaking upwards to his brow. This adds a little character to the coin. I also like the die polish lines all over the reverse. An affordable example of a FBL San Francisco half!




1956 NGC MS-66 FBL: $175 now $150!!!!

The 1956 is one of the most available dates in 66FBL, and virtually all of them are mint set toned. Luster is generally very good, but this is one of the weakest struck dates in the series.


This 1956 is a very nice example of the mint set toned 66FBL. It has speckled darker toning on both sides, fading to vivd red and orange on the obverse, and more of an orange/auburn in the center on the reverse. Very attractive toning! Luster is muted somewhat by the heavy toning, especially on the obverse, but shines on the reverse. The strike, as expected for the date, is weak, but it does possess Full Bell Lines. This coin also has a Double Die Obverse, catalogued by Coneca as 2-O-VI. There are distinctive die chips in the E of LIBERTY which give this variety away. Unfortunately, my picture taking skills aren't quite enough to match this one.





1963D NGC MS-64 FBL: $35 - SOLD!


This 1963D is fully brilliant, with great booming luster and a strong strike. Bagmarks are plentiful as is to be expected for this date, but it is a solid 64 nonetheless. Minor watter spotting is noted on the reverse for accuracy, but it is hardly noticeable. A very good introduction to the FBL series!




1819 CBH O-114 R3 RAW: $175 - SOLD!

This coin is a solid EF with tons of luster left. It is also an O-114, which is an R3 pairing. It is a very attractive coin, with amber toning fading to blue at the rims. I have been told by some that this is album toning, but I have also been told by the reputable TomB that it is artificial toning. You decide! A pleasing example of this scarce variety.




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Gonna add a couple of things:


1986 2 coin Statue of Liberty Commemorative Uncirculated set (dollar and half) in original government packaging - $25


David Lange's Complete Guide to Mercury Dimes, autographed by the author, brand new - $35


Make me an offer guys!

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Alright, the 1954S and the 1956 are sold!


That just leaves the 1952 - a solid PQ coin and brilliant white, just the way some of you like them!


And of course the Statue of Liberty set - a very attractive pair of coins.


Finally, we still have the Mercury Dime book - essential to any dime collector.

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