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Good idea, but with the wrong coins at the wrong price.

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I saw the picture of the 3 multiholders for the denominational sets of P D S and thought, hey that's a cool idea. Then I saw 1) The price he's asking and 2) The grades of the coins in the set. Now, I'm no "1951 expert" and I don't know if there are any rarities for this year, but for those grades I'd say the set is worth $150-200, not $800. Nevertheless, it was a cool idea.

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The grading fees alone insist on a healthy markup for the set.


Do the coins still have to be graded individually by NGC before placing in the multi-holder or will they grade the coins and place them directly in the holder?

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1951 D 25 C MS 63 10.00

1951 D 1 C MS 64 RED 12.00

1951 D 5 C MS 66 35.00

1951 D 10 C MS 63 7.00

1951 D 50 C MS 64 FBL 95.00

1951 25 C MS 64 13.00

1951 1 C MS 65 RB 20.00

1951 5 C MS 65 37.00

1951 10 C MS 66 24.00

1951 50 C MS 64 37.00

1951 S 25 C MS 64 13.00

1951 S 1 C MS 64 RED 12.00

1951 S 5 C MS 64 15.00

1951 S 10 C MS 65 12.00

1951 S 50 C MS 63 35.00




In an optimum world, the total value would be in the neighborhood of $377.00+ the grading fees and all the danged postage there and back.


25% of the total is tied up in just one coin, the 1951-D Franklin w/ FBL


This would be a really nice Birth Year Set…but I think $800 is pushing the envelope for someone who is versed in coins and their values. However, Mom (she is pushing 80) will buy it for her Son/Daughter




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As Woody pointed out, the only coin really worth much is the FBL '51D. Numismedia has it listed for $82, I got mine for $75, and I'm sure they can be had for less. But thats the only coin really worth much.

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If it was a real 1951 mint set in the original holder it might be worth what he is asking. The problem is it isn't. For one thing there is no way to prove now that these coins actually came from a mint set, and second this is only HALF of the set. The 51 mint set was a double set with two coins of each denomination from each mint. As such it is only worth what the individual coins are worth, with no premium value for it being a mint set.

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