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Top 10 Reasons Platinum Dipped Below Gold.

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Top 10 Reasons Platinum Dipped Below Gold.



10. Congressional hearings reveals top three automotive CEO’s were diverting platinum reserves

destined for catalytic converters, into their office wall safes.



9. Once considered for the privileged, those holding "Platinum" credit cards are finding out they are

made from the same kind of material as the lower levels.



8. Sean Combs, alias Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Sean 'Puffy' Combs, Puffy Combs, Puff Daddy, P Diddy

and then just Diddy, has changed his name once again to just Did. Fans unable to follow his various

name changes will never allow Did’s albums to go Platinum.



7. In order to bolster the Queen of England holdings, the Crown of the Queen Mother worn by the Queens Consort,

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was sold on the London Stock Exchange for Pence’s on the Pound.



6. Amy Winehouse goes Platinum Blonde.



5. The Boys-N-Hood are having trouble financing the platinum spinner hubs for their Escalades.



4. Guy Ritchie will no longer be buying 950Plat jewelry for Madonna.



3. Scuttling next years production, Jim, over at the West Point Mint Facility accidentally dropped the whole box of American Eagle Platinum coin dies.



2. Britney Spears’ bejeweled dog Bit Bit, ran away. (escaped)



And the Number 1 reason platinum dipped below gold is…The Kitco Platinum & Gold chart preparer was discovered to be dyslexic.


Post your own reason.



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Amy Winehouse goes Platinum Blonde- add: and after puking in lap this photo was taken for a memory of the time. ( thats how my girl looked on her bday after 8 shots o 151) what a bad pic.



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I'm not a celebrity follower...(couldn't tell you the difference between Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise)...is that "Amy Winehouse" person a man or woman?

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WOW...this thread is totally point less.


You suffering from "cabin fever" I hear it's really cold and your having a blizzard up there...gonna be 81 here on Sunday, we're all smiles.

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