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Felix Schlag set doesnt meet reserve

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I didn't want to say anything about this auction til it sold. I knew who had this set for some years and was surprised he sold it. I had some interest in the set but again, too high for my blood. I had hoped a close friend would have had interest in the set as I alerted him to the auction since he has the #1 Felix Schlag plaque.

When I talked to the seller about the set over the phone, he said that only about a dozon or so sets were ever completed and I had thought Mr Schlag had assembled the sets himself. But I'm afraid now that I am wrong about this. In my 12+ years as a FS collector, I have never heard of anyone else owning any of the other numbered sets, but it's a big country so I could be wrong there as well.


The price seems right! Perhaps it should have garnished more. I can only ponder upon the quality of the nickels and if any were FS. Some years ago as a collector once told me, I don't think I need a $6000 wall ornament hanging on my wall. We were discussing the plaque at that time. Felix Schlag seems to have his signature out there on several items.



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I also watched this auction with interest AND the bidders. But the problem I had and have with the set is whether or not any, many or all are FS. From the auction page:

"While none of the coins will be damaged, we won't be able to check them for full steps and the like."


The enlarged picture of the Jeffs does make them seem to be in above average grade and condition, but so is my set. Don't think I could get $6000 for it though.


I am of the opinion that there are probably full steps in there, but without the Schlag signature, its just another nice set of Jeffs (that I wouldn't mind having, I think)!



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