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What is the most important Shield Nickle

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The last one minted because it got rid of the series! 893whatthe.gif


Actually, I'm not certain what parameters you are using for the term "important". I'll guess, however, that the initial issue was most important as this series was meant to take out of circulation the five cent fractional currency note featuring Spencer Clark. If William Clark had been portrayed on the note, as had been the intention of Congress, then it is likely that legislation calling for the removal of the five cent fractional currency note would not have been authored. So, why was that legislation important? It called for the prohibition of portraits of living persons on US coinage or currency. That's my answer with help from Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of US and Colonial Coins.

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any proof shield nickel 893applaud-thumb.gif


that has monster great color combined with extraordinary eye appeal and superb technical merits




that has clean clear non hazy deep mirrors combined with superb technical merits and is deep cameo!




any shield nickel proof that is at least choice and has great eye appeal


any mintstate coin that is technically superb and has great eye appeal



a set of circ shield micks that is matched as close as can be and also has great eye appeal coins


i guess the list goes on and on but this is a start of what I THINK is the most importaqnt shield nickel


why?? well any of the above would be a really uncommon coin something not often found in the market and would be a great example of the mintmasters art!


michael flowerred.gif

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I am certainly not a Shield Specialist, but the 1880-P is the rarest MS date (16 certified by NGC). However IMHO, the greatest challenge would be to find the 1866/66 & 1867/67 w/rays overdates (FS001.1, 001.2, 001.4, 002.1 & FS002.7), because there are only (8) specimens total for all (5) coins.

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Sunnywood is the most knowledgeable person I know about this series. I have ttt'ed his excellent thread about the 1880 MS 5c for all to re-read. It's a shame that he hasn't posted much here or across the street lately.


(I see him around once in a while, so I know he's still into coins.)




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The last one minted because it got rid of the series!


27_laughing.gif I have to say that you may be right!


But I'm actually starting to find these coins really interesting.


I didn't know of the overdates mentioned above by Oldtrader.


And, while this is a pattern coin, Stack's recently auctioned off the JUDD 1697, what is referred to as the "Blind Man's Nickle"


Lot 1042 in this link:


Blind Man's Nickle


which I think is a really beautiful coin.



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I like the proofs and rare mint states from 1877-1881. The proof issues for these years look like nice mint state coins, and one MUST know the issue to distinguish the two. I have seem many dealers trying to sell the more common proofs as rare MS, and visa versa, which is a nice profit for some folks when the mistake is uncovered.





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