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How about a GTG & O on this 1826 CBH?

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As you know I'm far from expert with the CBH series, but I have a heck of a lot of fun trying to figure out the Overton numbers. I'm going to guess O-110 on this nice looking half. I base that on several factors...but of course I could be wrong so if anyone can correct me, I'd be most grateful.


O-110 is the only one of the 20+ varieties that has the "fat" top part of the 8. (recut in upper loop). The blunt end of the 2 also seems to match the photo in Overton. Star placement looks good, the 82 is closer than the 18 or the 26 and on the reverse, the scroll placement looks pretty darned close to a match especially the T-I alignment. Finally, the 0 in 50 C. is angled and lower than the 5. If by some miracle I'm right, this has a rarity of 2.


So, there's my guess.


I'm not sure what a "GTG" is, but if it is a grade opinion, I'd like to give it an XF 45.


There's my 2 cents worth. RI Al



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I got it for EF money (paid what you would expect for a 45 coin, maybe just slightly more because it is nice). Do I agree? Well I do have AU coins that look similar, but who is not to say that they are overgraded?


I find it hard to figure out any grading service, they are all all over the place. So I just buy as a collector and will worry about grades 30 years from now when I need to sell.

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I think the reason that this coin did not make it to the AU grade level is because of the color. Going by the picture the coin appears to very dark with not much, if any luster. For that reason I can see why it would only get an EF-45 although the “meat” (detail) would appear to merit a higher grade.

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