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Vote on your favorite 2009 Lincoln Design

2009 Lincoln Favorite Design  

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I thought it would be fun to see what every ones favorite design is!! :)


Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky Reverse

This reverse features a log cabin that represents Lincoln’s humble beginnings in Kentucky.





Formative Years in Indiana Reverse

This reverse depicts a young Lincoln educating himself while working as a rail splitter in Indiana.





Professional Life in Illinois Reverse

This reverse depicts the young professional Abraham Lincoln in front of the State Capitol in Illinois.





Presidency in DC Reverse

This reverse features the half finished United States Capitol dome.




Source usmint.gov





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None of the above!!!!

If they absolutely must change the coin and no way out of it, there is only one pattern I would agree to at this time. It is below:







































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Eliminate the PENNY it is useless carp :)

With all due respect, I highly disagree!


I'll take a wheatie any day of the week!!

These do NOTHING for me!!

Sorry Mr. Moy :(

With all due respect, US Mint Director Ed Moy had very little to do with the design selection.


As for the new designs, the 2009 program was passed as a section of the same bill that gave us the Presidential $1 Coins in December 2005. If you have problems with the design, the CCAC and CFA meetings are open to the public. Letters from the public are accepted. Make your opinions known to these committees, because they are the ones whose opinions influence coin design. If you don't like the designs, complain to them!


Scott :hi:

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There's only two that are acceptable. The 3rd and the 4th. And the fourth doesn't even have Lincoln in it!


I like my idea better. Use exact replica dies that were used from the 1909, make a 2009, 2009-S, 2009 VDB, 2009-S VDB, 2009-D, 2009-D VDB. Make them as both cameo and matte proof finish. Box them all up in one of those nice wooden display cases, limit to 100k because they'll sell out in a flash. Charge $75 a set and they would make an absolute killing. 12 cents plus a box, who wouldn't pay that and you think they'd make plenty of margin on that. These others... well, just throw that junk into circulation.

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I don't care for any of them really. They need to just keep it simple! There's just to much going on in all of the designs IMO


Just think about how they'll look when actual size.

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I know it's another building design, but I like it better than the other three.

At least they have finally learned that you DON'T use a straight on view of buildings. Building designs work MUCH better with perspective views.


I like #4 best but I'm afraid it will appear the worst of the four when reduced to actual size and low relief.

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