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Three different Bust Halves: all pcgs: 1807 small stars, 1827 curled 2, 1809 III

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The 1807 small stars is entirely original, in my opinion, a VF 30 no question, but PCGS gave it a VF 25 probably because of the softness in the left wing and other areas that are consistent with this year. Well...it now becomes a very PQ VF25


$1995.00 includes insured registered mail/bank check or postal money order only, or paypal if you add 3% (I was just burned on over $5,000.00 in checks that my bank 'cleared' only to find out two weeks later that they bounced, so please excuse my caution in not taking personal checks any longer. FYI the person who's checks bounced promises to make good.) This coin is worth every penny. It will be scooped up and dissapear into someones collection. As scarce as they are, a lot of small stars have been making their appearances lately, and I predict without reservation, that once these are all sold, you won't see them again for years.


Gorgeous, rich brown coloration. Lovely, absolutely lovely and original small stars 1807.




there's glare on the holder for the following pic, but you get the idea (just using his to authenticate it's encapsulation)



The next coin is an 1809 with the IIIII edge. I love finding these. This is a very nice coin. Grades PCGS VF 30. Of course, I see it as a 35 for similar reasons as above. This is the Overton 107a, which is an R4.


Nice heavy die crack. The photos came out a bit darker than what it actually is, but if I fooled around with the pic, I"m sure I'd screw it up. I love this coin.






$550 includes registered mail insured




Last but not least, an 1827 curled 2. Another coin I like hunting down and always good to find, as they are not easy. This one grades a PCGS VF 25, a grade I can agree with. It is an Overton 146 which tells you how many darn varieties there are in the 1827's, most of which are square based twos. Numismedia posts $830.00 for an AU 58. I paid over $2,000.00 for my AU 58, which tells you ...no, not that I overpaid, but that the price quides are entirely OFF regarding Busties (look at the Numismedia price on an 1807 large stars for instance. Try to find one, and you'll be paying upwards of $4,000.00 for an EF 40. Only 25 1827 curled base 2's are listed in the Heritage auction archives sold between 1991 and 2008. An NGC 20 went for $185.00 in 2007. Lucky buyer.


My price on this one is $ 275.00, which is only 10% above what I paid for it, and I believe this price is appropriate for the PCGS specimen. Definitely affordable.





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