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should a slabbed coin be conserved?

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I have a dilema and I'm hoping the board could give me a little advice, extra knowledge and guidance on this. I just received coins back from NGC that are in the year of 1960's and about 1/3 have a sticker on them that say NCS has evaluated the coin saying it's a good candidate for conservation. I wonder if this is a good idea? Does this help to perserve the coin longer in its slab? Does this help the grade to go up? I looked at the grade received and just one grade up does not cover the cost of conservation and having it reslabbed by NGC after conservation. So I am asking the board for any help in this matter or if anyone has had any experience before with this. Thanks in advance for any help in this matter. I have posted this question on US coins and it was suggested and I agree that Ask NGC and Ask NCS was also a good place to maybe get some advice.


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Conservation is often a good idea if it is as a means of bringing out the originality of a piece by removing residues and undesirable toning and possibly increasing the grade. It is most beneficial for the preservation and improved eye appeal that can result.


The stickers you are referring to are placed there by NGC graders when they see a concern that may be taken care of by our conservation efforts. These stickers are not a guarantee of an up grade by any means. Most likely they saw some diminished eye appeal or other similar surface concern that was detracting from the appearance of the coin which may or may not become a more significant problem in the future depending on how the coin is stored. Receiving a higher grade after conservation is always a possibility but should not be the only reason for deciding whether or not to submit a coin for conservation. The real question is whether the coins needs it, will benefit from it, or is anything on this coin susceptible to causing problems in the future.


It is more often that coins maintain their current grade after conservation. However, some have increased a point or saw an upgrade in special designation such as a cameo to an ultra cameo. In some rare cases, and unseen mark or blemish was concealed by the residue or tarnish and that may cause the coin to grade lower after the conservation. This rare situation is why NCS offers grade protection as a part of its conservation service.


Chris, NCS Customer Service - Conservator




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