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AUCTION ITEM #3: (9) Proof Roosevelt Dimes, 1955-1963, Choice to Gem in holders

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AUCTION ITEM #3: (9) Proof Roosevelt Dimes, 1955 - 1963

Choice to Gem Proof

  • bid opens at $.01, estimate $10 - $20
  • coins are not certified - grading is my opinion
  • what looks like hairlines are scratches on holders, not the coin(s)
  • coin(s) will be shipped in inert hard plastic holders as shown
  • you may *click* an image to view a high-resolution version

80911001_.jpg 80911002_.jpg

80911003_.jpg 80911004_.jpg

80911005_.jpg 80911006_.jpg

80911007_.jpg 80911008_.jpg

80911009_.jpg 80911010_.jpg

80911011_.jpg 80911012_.jpg

80911013_.jpg 80911014_.jpg

80911015_.jpg 80911016_.jpg

80911017_.jpg 80911018_.jpg



  • Auction ends one week after date of this listing.
  • You will receive the exact item(s) imaged and described.
  • On the honor system, please do not edit any posts or retract bids!
    Likewise, I promise not to retract this auction item.
  • Payment of check or money-order only, made out to "James Garcia".
  • Free shipping for board members, and no reserve.
  • Ten day return policy for your high bid.
  • Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed.
  • I will almost always start my items at one cent.
  • Also, I unconditionally guarantee no shill bids.
  • To bid, just post a reply to the immediate previous bidder with a message that simply says: "previous bid was $XXX, my bid is $YYY". You must bid higher than the previous poster's bid. Please, just as a general rule, keep increments around 5% or a dollar, whichever is more. We don't want to annoy our esteemed fellow board members by winning by a lousy penny.
  • With variances in different time zones, please note the ending time carefully (one week after the system date/time stamp on this post). Please be kind and bid early. "Sniping" isn't practical in this kind of auction venue.
  • I realize that each time someone bids, this thread will bump to the top. Unfortunately, I do not know of any way around that at this time. My apologies. One way to look at it is that the best items - those that receive the most bids - will often be near the top of this forum. This is an ongoing attempt at establishing some sort of alternate auction venue, and I'm open to any suggestions.
  • I appreciate the right to "bump" this auction thread strictly one time about twelve hours before the auction ends. This is to remind potential bidders that it is about to close.
  • NGC and its affiliates and employees are not associated with this auction, nor do they monitor its content. They cannot be held responsible or accountable for any situation that arises as a result of this sale.

Thanks for LQQKing!

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Yours $17

Me $18



Coindude, please PM me your address, and I'll mail these lovelies immediately!


Thanks everyone for participating.


If anyone has comments/criticisms, please don't hesitate to post them.




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Just wanted to give props to James for such quality coins. You guys should have bid higher! Really nice coins and great packaging... you musta spent 30 minutes packing it up! Thanks James you're the best.

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