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Since Al, has the market pretty well cornered on the UCAM and DCAM issue, I would like to bring up another issue regarding Ultra Deep Mirror and Deep Mirror Proof Like coins. These are, I gather different, measures/values as to the mirrorlike fields of basically Morgans, right? I have a photo of a couple of 1884 CC Morgans graded by ANACS and given different values. How would one differentiate betweent the two designations? I have never dealt with truly deep mirror finish coins, so this would truly be a learning experience for me.





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when u say 12" do u mean that you can hold the coin 12" fron face and still see good reflections?

To be more specific, try this. Get out a newspaper and hold the coin on edge on the newspaper. Mark the spot on the paper where you are holding it. Now, see how far away is the text that you can still clearly read. Mark that spot. Then, measure that distance.


I've heard other scales used, but here's what I use:


SPL = 1" - 3"

PL = 3" - 6"

DMPL = 6" - 12"

UDPL = 12" - up


It's important to note that the whole field must have the reflectivity,not just part of it. In all cases, the devices are supposed to be frosted and contrast with the fields, though I've seen many certified exceptions to this.

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Now, see how far away is the text that you can still clearly read.


Would that be with or without my reading glasses? :)


Just one of the many things that I dislike about getting old.



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