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Latest NGC submission: 1883-CC Morgan

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I don't send many coins for certification. I'm not good enough at grading to be a crack out artist. Anyway the photo of my wife's coin will follow. First I will explain why we spent money on certification in case anyone is interested - if not just skip the words and check out the photo :). Please feel free to reply with comments or photos of other GSA Morgans minted in Carson City just because they are cool. :D


My wife has 2 GSA CC Morgans. One of them looked really nice to me. We compared it to one that was already certified as MS 64. Hers looked a bit better. She wanted to send it in. I felt that was a fine idea. To me the worst case was it would come back as a 64, best case 65. If it came back 64 we would probably lose $10 to $20 considering shipping and grading fees versus what we could get for an uncertified coin in the GSA packaging. If it came back 65 we would be up $150 or so. I like these coins in the US Gov't packaging so wanted that preserved. Certifying her lower grade coin (1882-CC) would not add value so we decided to leave it as is.



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Remember that NGC does not "certify" GSAs - they only "grade" them. (NGC does not guarantee GSA grades.) But it is one of the finest services that a TPG has ever dreamed up! At MS-65, the cost of grading is definitely worth it for this coin!



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