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anyone do the mint set/pf set submissions?

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i'm sure more than a few of you play the game.. cherrypicking those MS/PF sets looking for 67+ grades


i analyzed my stuff, compared population reports/ebay auctions/price guides.. and narrowed everything down to 'coins that are worth shooting for 67's' vs. the coins i have... between the quarters and halves alone i've come up with around 20 coins that if even one hit 67 it'd pay for all the submissions and then some...


so my question is, to you that do this.............. how does it play out? i've got all these coins that are "flawless" but up in this range it can be tough i imagine to hit those grades.. when there are 1000+ 66's, but only 18 67's or whatever, do you ever get your grades? and is there a market for them? are there really people out there that'll pay $500+ for a top pop 77D quarter?


is it worth it i guess is what i'm asking....... i'm an inch away from paying a ton of money for submission fees, thought i'd check in with "y'all" first....


any education in this field is much appreciated... thank you :)

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i am a proof man myself. i do alot of 1979 type 2 sets. i send the whole sets and so far i do ok with the sba paying for most of each sets submission cost. i am a lil more carefull when sending MS coins though. out of 40 1973 p ikes none came back as worth sending even when compaired to ikes that had been graded.


sometimes it seems as though they grade the money getters tougher.they dont want alot of high grade keys out there. but thats just my opinion

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