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3 Roll Toners 100% original

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I have a drawer of "someday I'll get graded" coins...here are 3 that I plucked from original bank rolls..all have great luster that may or may not show in the pics..very clean and contact free ( the Ike especially rare to find this clear)..and some color from rolls--the Ike has gold and steely blue color, the Kennedys are a bit crusty..these coins really bump in value at the 67 mark...do they have a shot?

PS: the pics are unedited, no saturation or photoshopping--this is pretty close to what they look like in hand...






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Speaking of the 1964 Kennedy only, a MS-67 and higher on these coins not only depends on the amount of contacts marks, but also the strike of the coin itself comes into play.


One place to look for a splendid strike is in the definition of the Eagles beak. There should be good separation of the upper and lower portions of the beak and the ribbon between that beak (from the Motto banner) should be well defined.


Another place is well defined arrow heads, also, the very tip of the Eagles breast shield should be visible and raised up off the tail feathers.


Point is, if you don’t have these indicators on the reverse, there is no sense looking at the obverse.


These are only some hints to look for and will only re-enforce suspicions of the quality of a grade and is to be used like a barometer to determine highs and lows.


Good luck.



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thanks for the tips on grading Kennedy's Woody, I wasn't aware of that and it was helpful since I really don't know much about the series--just bought a few bullion rolls and the end coins color popped out at me...


some Ike collectors with some knowledge would be great...anyone?

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