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Who's the collector of SHIPS coins?

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Good morning.


For the ship coin collector out there, I just got this in my mailbox this morning from Eurocoins.com.



The Danish mint began a new 20 Krone coin series in 2007 featuring the

popular motif of ships. The H.D.M.S Vaedderen was the first coin in the

series and with more coins in this series due to be released on ECI soon,

we thought we'd once again bring your attention to this fine example of

coin design and craftsmanship.


Denmark 2007 20Kr H.D.M.S Vaedderen UNC





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wow...thanks for the link RiAL..I don't really collect motorized ships--just sailing ships, but I have been looking to purchase the Austrian series "Austria mon the High Seas"...and that SMS Novara is a gorgeous ship coin..plus I like the Polar expedition Tetzekoff coin too...thanks a million !!!! :cloud9:

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very nice one--I like it a lot but I'm wary of purchasing from Israel...so I looked for another one and there IS another ebay seller who has one in BIN...in hong kong ...yikes


But the link still helped, I added it to my list of coins to check for by keyword on occasion and I'll hunt one down someday..

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thought my fellow members here on the "dark side" might enjoy my 2 latest acquisitions...both from countries that have been difficult for me to buy coins from--Eastern Bloc countries..2 silver dollar sized 1 ounce coins


A Russian coin commemorating their polar exploration


and a Bulgarian coin...I know that many of you don't get my fascination with sailing ship themed coins, but maybe these will help...any comments???





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Jackson 64.


First, I have received several musician coins from Israel with no problem. My "latest aquisition" on the foreign coins board was just received from Israel a few days ago. I just check E-Bay ratings before I order, but have never had a problem.


I hope I'm not being a pest, but today's e-mail from Euro Collections shows a really neat $100 "bill" from 1983 from Antigua and Barbuda made of silver and gold. I'ts not a "coin", but has a beautiful siling ship on it so I thought you might be interested.


The Euro Collections site is a bit goofy as the pictures of the coins don't always come up, even when you select to see more information. I am sending a link which I HOPE will bring you to the site. You may have to diddle around a bit before you are able to see the "note".


Antigua & Barbuda 1983 $100 Gold Banknote




Also, there is a whole ship topic listed under "transportation" and you may find some things of interest on the Euro Collections site.


By the way, your Russian and Bulgarian ship coins are BEAUTIFUL!


I was flipping through my copy of "Unusual World Coins" and if you have a copy, right on page 1 are several ship coins from ALAND ISLAND dated 1991 numbers X 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 and 3.1, 3.2. These are a bit on the pricy side but worth looking at. Immediately after is an Albania 20 Ecu 1993 proof # X1 with the sailing ship motif.


Flipping through a bit more, ARAUCANIA-PATAGONIA has a 100 peso 1990 prooflike with a ship. It is X #28.


1 more...Bermuda x M1 crown 1936 crown proof.


If you collect coins listed in "Unusual World Coins", I bet there are a lot more sailing ship listings. The coins in the book didn't circulate. The book defines an "Unusual World Coin" as "issued by legitimate governments and accepted by merchants, the people and other governments in payment of debt-namely legal tender. They accomodate commerce and wages."


I have included many coins from this category in my "music coin" set. They aren't always easy to come by but many of mine were quite reasonable when I found them. Many are quite beautiful.


oops...just found another..Somers Island (after Bermuda in the book) X M# 8, 12 pence/Daalder (undated but issued in 1990). The ship theme seems to be very popular.


Hope this is somewhat helpful. RI Al

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