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Several Thousands Young Healthy & Fine...

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I thought that title might get your attention! devil.gif


Actually, that is the start of what is written on the back of a Conder token I picked up earlier this month. It's from a Gloucestershire-Newent 1796 1/2P Conder and the D&H number is 64.


The reverse has a spiral of words that starts from the rim and reads


Several Thousands Young Healthy & Fine Crab Apple & Pear Stocks Raised From The Kernal To Be Sold By J. Morse Newent Glocestershire 1796


The edge states


Payable At Newent


Note the difference in spelling of Gloucestershire on the Conder and on the NGC slab? I think Conder tokens, actually more precisely known as provincial token coinage of the eighteenth century, are tremendous pieces of history. Relatively little money buys a piece of history roughly the size of a large cent and, with many themes and styles, one might be able to come up with any type of collection. I personally like very much those tokens featuring animals such as the Pidcock series, however, the spiral writing on this one was just way too cool to pass up.


Enjoy! grin.gif


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Very cool Tom. I too like these 'tokens,' but I always buy with that investment aspect in the back of my mind and I often wonder what kind of market exists for these pieces.

Amazing though in any aspect and definitely a true piece of American history. thumbsup2.gif

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I don't worry about the investment aspect of these pieces as they make up less than 1% of my collection value. Extremely nice pieces can be had for as little as $15 and quite a few trade in the $20-$40 range. Unfortunately, this one is MS and also RB so it cost me a bit more than that range. Most of mine are in the VF-EF area.


As for American history, well, some of these did circulate in America, however, most circulated in Great Britain.

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Neat token Tom, but it made me dizzy and reversed all of my REM desensitization therapy for the last 6 years. 893whatthe.gif The bill is in the mail. insane.gif


stooges.gif Hoot

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