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Coin Show Report - Parsippany, NJ

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Today I went to the First-Sunday-of-the-month, 80+ dealer show in Parsippany. As I've often said in the past, this is the BEST one-day show in the country, featuring a wide variety of dealers, material and collectors (including several well-known numismatists and authors). This is usually a crowded show, sometimes very crowded.


Today, as expected, there were several empty tables and missing dealers. Kudos, however, to Tom Hyland and Tom Stepanski (of Dart Coins) who were there after having done the ANA!


I was somewhat surprised that the floor was as crowded as it was today - there were a couple of times this morning when it was really hard to get down the aisles!


As usual, the "common" material (Unc. Morgans, Walkers from the 40s, etc.) was common and the "uncommon" material (Barber and Seated, etc.) was uncommon. Today, though, I saw something I'd never seen in person - TWO Treasury Notes from 1815! Al Huie, who's been coming to the show for the past couple of years had them. He had a $10 and a $20, both in PMG plastic, both marked "remainders" on the "slab". The $10 was VF and the $20 was XF, but had a big, curculat cancellation in the middle of the Note. These Treasury Notes were intended to circulate (and looked like rather plain obsolete banknotes) and are, therefore, some of the first examples of US Federal currency. Needless to say, they were withdrawn after the War of 1812, so they're not exactly common today.


I saw several fellow members of the New Jersey Numismatic Society, including Larry (SeaEagleCoins ATS).


In general, the comments about ANA that I heard were positive. I overheard Tom Stepanski saying that his busiest day was Wednesday and the the show got quieter as each day went by. A couple of people complained about high airfares and said that if fares stayed high that they'd be flying to fewer coin shows.


Unfortunately, there weren't any newps for me today, although I saw a couple of coins that caught my eye.


Next month, the show expands to THREE DAYS (Friday through Sunday), before going back to its usual Sunday format in October. At least the September show isn't on Labor Day Weekend, so perhaps I can get there on Saturday.

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:cry: i reallly wanted to go today... i have to take public transportation from NYC, so its kind of a big hassle. i was there last month, and there were less people than the month or 2 before. but it is usually a pretty good show. glad u had a good time
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