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Is it possible these scratchs are in lacquer? 1957(p) 1d roo proof (BIG photo)

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I understand that the Perth Mint lacquered some Cu Proofs to help them stay red over time. I also have been told that the 1957 1d proofs were struck in both 1957 and again in 1959. If I understood right, the 1959 coins (dated 1957) were lacquered, but the 1957 strikes were not.


Is any of this accurate?


My coin has a bunch of hair lines on it. Do you think there is a possibility that these are in lacquer and that NCS could remove the coating and the scratches along with it?


How would we value this coin for conservation? I think Krause lists the thing at $400 or $500, but the most I've see these for a shows is closer to $200. And with the scratches, I don't know if I could sell it if I wanted to. Don't miss understand, I'm not trying to haggle, I'm just trying to figure out what to write on the NCS conservation form when I send the coin in. The difference in fees isn't particularly important to me, but I'm always uncertain what the proper is to write down on submission forms.


Thank you in advance for the the comments and recommendation.


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We have seen lacquered coins with a similar look to yours. There have been instances where apparent scratches on the surface have been in the lacquer and not actually in the coin. We have also seen lacqured coins where the sratches were in the coin despite removal of the lacquer. Unfortunately I can not determine which situation your coin may be in from the image.


The value you use to declare on a submission form will be the fee used to calculate your fees as well as insure your coin in shipping.


Chris, NCS

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According to my catalogue, there are 2 types of 1957 Perth Penny. The mint experienced problems and had to complete the rest of the orders in 1959, the appearance of the coins is substantially different.


The only other information shown is that one is a Matte finish and one is Brilliant


But this page says they did lightly laquer coins, resulting in them retaining their brilliant finish..



Very difficult to say if your coin is scratched or the laquer is, if I was pressed I would say coin. Lets hope I'm wrong ! good luck.. value $200 as it is now, if they can fix it then considerably more.

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Well... I took a chance and sent this scratchy coin in to PCGS along with a bunch of other proof roo's and proof 1/2d's. They gave it a PR60 as is. I figured BB for sure followed with a trip to NCS. Maybe next time.

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