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Coin Poems

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For those of you who don't get Numismatist, I thought I'd share these from the current issue.


This proof set has problems,

Let's start with the penny.

There should be a mintmark,

But there isn't any.

And then there's the nickel,

Look closely, and hello!

There seems to be more,

Than just one Monticello.

The dime has a cud,

That's the size of a trime.

The quarter's been struck

At least fifteen times.

The half's hit just once,

But of course it is struck

On an already minted,

Backdated half buck!

The last coin is by far

The most out of order,

One side is a dollar;

The other's a quarter.

This proof set has problems,

But I will not holler,

Because the set is worth

Almost one million dollars.




Ring the chimes, it's time, it's time,

For that extra shiny key-date dime!

A gleaming mint-state '16-D,

Winged Liberty (or "Mercury").

The one this guy has sure looks nice!

The guy gives us a bargain price!

There is no time to wonder why,

The guy won't look us in the eye.

The dime is ours; it shines like chrome!

It's ours, it's ours; let's take it home!

Uh-oh, oh no, it's sad to see

The "D" fall off the mint-state key!

Our '16-D Winged Liberty

Is just an altered '16-P!




There are two more, but I liked these the best.



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Ain't got a coin in my pocket


Not even enough to buy me a rocket


Got a coin collection, though I won't hock it


Had me a boat now someone else docks it



'Cause I'm a coin collector, you see


Not the same man I used to be


I'd be OK if coins were free


But I ain't got a quarter even to pee



Coins for coin is my life


Once I almost even pawned my wife


But she said nay with a knife


Now we cool, no more strife



'Cause I'm a coin collector, you see


Exactly the man I want to be


Nothing more thrilling than a VDB


I'm an Eliasberg wannabe










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those are great! i wonder if any1 realy had a d fall off a dime :)


I believe they have. I don't recall who told the story, though. hm

I believe there was a 1916 "D" in a lawsuit slab that dropped a D.....
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I haven't heard of a 1916 D having the D fall off but I heard about an S VDB cent where the S fell off when squirted with Acetone.

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Did this one a few years ago.


On a long-ago night, when I stayed up real late

And my belly stuffed full with the chili I ate

I looked through the paper route money I made

For some valuable coins in a really high grade.


I didn't find any, but I hadn't expected

to doze off in mid-search through the coins I collected.

I guess it was the chili, 'cause I had a strange dream

That, there in the pile, was a Lincoln that gleamed.


I picked up that penny (or cent, if you must)

A pristine example - no nicks, dings or dust.

Look! A 1909 with a small letter "S"

Sitting under the date! On the back - dare I guess?


Would those three little letters be there on the back?

Either way, it's a coin I no longer would lack.

There! Down at the bottom, and right in the center!

The tiny initials of Victor D. Brenner!


It was then that I woke, with a coin in my hand.

I sat up and I looked at that Lincoln cent and

Quickly discovered the date wasn't right.

A 53-D, and not even that bright.


"It was only a dream!" was the thought in my head.

I wanted to cry, but I just laughed instead.

'Twas the dream of so many, and I had it too.

But I keep on looking, 'cause it just might come true.

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