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My 5 submissions with my NGC club membership

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Hello, everyone. Beautiful evening here in the Rhode Island sticks.


After much debate, I finally selected the 5 coins I am going to submit for certification, using the club membership "coupon" for 5 submissions.

No great treasures really, but these have always been among my favorite Peru coins that I picked up from vendors on the streets of Lima or Tacna during our 4 year Peru stay.


The 5th coin is a nice Chile coin that I picked up at the bank in Arica, Chile for gold melt. This coin comes with a story...(I can here the groaning..oh no...another RI AL story) :blahblah:


Anyway, the Chile coin was bought at a bank on New Year's Eve in Chile, just a few miles over the border with Peru. We were to travel back to Peru (we drove) that evening and cross the border back into Peru. Well, the Peruvian border guards were all, shall we say, under the effect of too much Pisco and Cervesa (they were drunk on their butts) and at gunpoint, (we were at gunpoint about 4 times while living in Peru...it was always so exciting...) they searched the car and demanded all of our foreign currency. All we had was Chilean peso notes and coins and a few U.S. dollars so we "exchanged" them for Pruvian soles. Fortunately, I had put the gold coin in my inner jacket pocket and they never found it. Hell if I was gonna' change the coin in for Peruvian soles...even AT gunpoint! After sufficient harrassment, searching the car, baggage, passports, travel papers and everything, they allowed us to cross back into Peru. We got there just in time. They closed the boarder!!!! at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Anyway, hope the coins "slab" well. I would value your opinions. RI AL





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great coins rial..and good picks for your "free" submission.....and an even better story--that's what you get for smuggling Chilean gold over the border-gunpoint!!

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Great story, RI AL. Sounds like one memorable New Year eve :)


Let me take a stab at the grades...


1779 - VF 30

1806 - XF 40

1823 - XF 45 (is that environmental damage on the top of the reverse?)

1838 - XF 40


Gold - no clue :)


Not sure if you know this, or not, but that 1823 is rather scarce (Calbeto #424). If it comes back problem-free, I would love to make you an offer for it.


Very nice submission!



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I have printed out your estimated grades and will let you know how well you did when I get the coins back. Regarding the 1823, I noticed too the area that you are concerned about. I think it is a planchet flaw myself, but we'll see what NGC says. The 1823 is part of my "type" set of 8 reales and I certainly would consider an equal value swap if you need the date for your collection.


I'll keep you posted and thanks for your interest.



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