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1907 H Canada Cent... toned w/ error??

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I picked up this beautiful toner from a forum member on CU...and I was looking for some input.


1. What would you grade this coin at?

2. What do you think the value would be (I only have a 2007 Krause)?

3. Is that mark on the back a strike though error? It looks like it is, but I can't tell what the stuff around it is...it feels like it is part of the coin.


On a lot of these pictures you can see the reflection of my camera...I either couldn't get enough light or I would get a reflection of my camera. I guess I need more lights, or I should have taken it out of the 2X2.





Obverse 2:





Reverse 1:



Reverse 2:



Reverse 3:



Close-up (the best I could do):


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That's damage across the N. A cut at a sharp angle that pushes up a raised ridge.


But I dont' see a cut anywhere near the ridge, and the part in question is raised but looks like it became part of the "N" during the mint process.


This one really has me stumped.

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I think the mark on the N is debris..or a small metal shaving..I see no cut along the edges of the raised area either..

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