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FSH: 1939 Nazi Germany War Pin $15 shipped! Great piece of history!

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1939 Germany Nazi War Pin $15 Shipped





Paypal preferred, PM me!


A history lesson from a member ATS:


A badge acquired by giving a donation at the "Military Competition of the SA Group Niederrhein 1939"


The gold colored badge featured on the upper section is the SA-Sports Badge...awarded in Bronze, Silver and Gold to SA members who competed and completed different levels of qualifying "sports" events in these Party sponsored meetings.


In prewar Germany sports events were used to train the paramilitary groups in preparation to military service and the coming war. The SA was the "Sturmabteilung" or...better known as the "Brown Shirts." First founded in the 1920s to help provide bodyguard units to the party leaders and to keep order at the early rallies. They grew to huge number with over a million members ( IIRC) in the early 1930s. After the "Night of the Long Knives" in 1934, the power of the SA began to fade and the SS took over the SA's role.

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If you tried to put it on eBay, they'd probably cancel the auction.




Already tried ;)


Yep, bidding got up to $22 about 12 hours after I listed it, and I came back a minute later and it was gone. So, I'm offering it here at the price it would have been had the bidding stopped there.

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Cool piece, MM! Nice background info, too. Of course, a good story and pics is the key to marketing.

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