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as many of you know the site is up and running. i was working on the site last night and added some abilities. well durring the work we ran into a snag where we seem to have lost some info about some members. those selling still show up and the ones that won an item show up but the rest other than 4 have vanished.


the programers say that if we cant find out what happened we will have to have the members re join with a lil extra credit givin for problems.


more news and such to come.




to go to your home page / about me just use: username.eauctionemporium.com

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to show off your items for sale all you do is on home page find your name and click on it. all items shown are from that seller. copy and paste the http:// and vwalla a personal link to your sales.

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the backup went fine and we have all but 4 members back in the system the way it was last weekend. there were a few sales that were listed that didnt come back. all accounts listed and that sign up or sign up again will get an extra 50c listing credits on account. that is 30 listings for free :P


we didnt get the ones that joined 3 days ago :( and the home page thing is going to be fixxed again within 24 hours.

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1 gotnoclue

2 cccprimo

3 rons

4 agentjim007

5 charmnangel

6 alshue

7 abbylane

8 jax462

9 coindude

10 dwaineo

11 spacecitycomics

12 smokyant2000

13 munkyman95


make sure all is working for you. and all the credits will be done now :)


and some info from the system.









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many items ending:




many items new:







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for those spannish speakers out there i have began working on having the site translated and the regester page is done and ready in that language.




some goodies from the site by seller:


jax462 (1087)


chrispayne (531)


currierventures (359)


munkyman95 (282)


and many more!

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ok all i have room for 2 more banners or pic links on home page. i am offering free spots for now and if you have a site that needs a lil helpfull link i will gladly suply it. it doesnt have to be coins either.

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:) will write those down. and bumb this.


the site is translated into spanish also for the spanish speakers/readers. im working on how to have the auctions themselves in spanish also. also there is some new stuff being added to site within the next week.

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hello and good evening all!


i have been working on site and have made some changes. also there will be upgrades done within a few weeks.


*first 20 items listed are on me. this includes 1 featured item for 30 days on me also.


*forums upgrade is also in the works and will be done within 2 days.


*sign up for the auctions and you already are part of the forum comunity there.


*RSS feeds available on all auctions

*many more things to come.


+please feel free to give feedback and make requests either by email /pm/or eauction emporiums forums.


+++once i have at least 10 people selling i will turn on the google ad words ad to boost foot trafic. right now its just on yahoo.



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thanks zach!



* the members section will be done shortly, they have been upgrading the forums program and now they will be getting to me.


* i am blackberried out so any emails or contacts made will be answered within the hour of recieving it.


* forums have a section called "free + shipping" for donation of things, like red books and such.


many many items being added by myself.


* i will also have a section just for 99c NR listings and the categories are updated and nearly match ebay.


one of the safest sites due to no CC info needed! no paypal required, and the only time a email address shows is between the buyer and seller.



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also i think the next thing going onto sight will be store space. so i need some price per month ideas you would like to see. and there are already rss feeders.

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referal program has been upgraded for 30 days!


for every active member refered to site (selling or buying) the person that refered them will be paid 75c. at the end of the 30 days i will tally up totals and mail a money order for the winnings


all you need to do is let them know to email me on sign up and tell me who sent them. and thats it.


there are forums to request items to be listed, things you have for sale on site and a new members section for very easy travel on site

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