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Carson City Gold Collecting...Which coins to go for...

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I have been working on a Carson City Morgan Dollar collection, while it is a bit expensive, I am having fun slowly building it toward a final set. I figure they will probably hold their value as long as I buy carefully and don't overpay.


I am going to try to build a limited example Carson City Gold collection, if I can stay gainfully employed for the next 30 years.


My question is what would be the best years for a common example of each denom?


Probably looking for VF/EF for most.



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Jakeblue----- For the 20 dollar CC's, the easiest date to obtain is the 1890 CC. It can be found without too much trouble in most grades.


If you would want an earlier date twenty, the 1874 CC---75CC---and 76CC coins can be found fairly easily in the "lower" grades.


For the 10 dollar and five dollar coins the 1891CC is probably your best bet.


One must remember that CC gold is simply not available like a Morgan coin. If you take an interest and buy a book or two, you will find that collecting CC gold can occupy a lifetime of time----and, in these days, a tremendous amount of funds which the average collector simply DOES NOT possess.


The availability of CC gold is scarce at best. In my day, I could have obtained F--Vf 1870CC 20's for 3 or 4 thousand. I declined trying for a higher graded coin. It wasn't till later that I found out that there basically was NO such animal as an AU 1870CC twenty. I believe they have now graded one or two pieces in AU.


So, while certain years CAN be obtained in MS grades---certain other years are virtually impossible to get in an MS grade. Therefore, it is up to the collector to research his CC gold---to find out which years may be had---say in a VF--XF grade only---and be grateful for that. Bob [supertooth]

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Thanks for the info, much appreciated.


I have done some more research and looked in the redbook and I agree with your suggestions.


My goal is slabbed MS all around for the morgans and gold, which is tougher for the obvious morgan dates in terms of cost.


Well, I have the goals set for the gold now and it will take some years to complete both sets, but I will.


Thanks again.

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The common date CC gold has not performed like the slightly better dates financially. I do not believe that the Grey sheets at all reflect the reality of pricing for CC gold. Nor do the population trends. I do not know how many of the population in reports reports are resubmissions, but I would guess that with the low pops, that many of the higher census coins may be resubmissions. There are not many that show up in auctions.


Many of the date and denominations are not available often enough to count as really available and are closely held. The 1992-CC eagle is a good example of a coin that does not show up in AU55 or better very often. Whereas the 1891-CC eagle and half eagle seem to always be available, at a price. Good luck with your collection.

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