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Out of body coin experiences....post one!

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I know we all have those moments that remind of us of just why we collect coins. Maybe it's that flea market find, a gift from a relative that gets us started down the collecting path. Maybe it's spending a silver quarter in hopes that some young numismatist will run across it and catch the collecting bug. It might even be finding that coin you have been searching for years and the stars align and bam, you run across it in an unlikely place! (thumbs u Whatever your story is....post it here for all to read!!! :applause:


Mine happened today when I opened a 1958 Double Mint set.....


For those that are familiar with original 1958 sets....you know that the backside of the tissue paper was glued down at the mint. That means for truly original sets, you can only see one side of the coins and you never know if your going to get blast white or rainbows when you popped the coins out and see the hidden side. Most of the time if the side showing is somewhat colorful......the backside turns out to be white or lightly toned....kinda like the coin Gods saying....we will give you a little color but your not getting a double sided holy grail out of us lol


In the case of the set I received today....the D mint coins had some very attractive rainbow toning around the periphery, which I was happy with...but I assumed that's where the color would end. Boy was I wrong and man did I have an out of body coin experience when I popped the coins out and then pulled back the cardboard holder to see what I had just uncovered!!! :applause: If you don't like toning then this is where the story end for you (ricko) :Funny; For those that appreciate truly magnificent mint set toning.......boy have I got a set for you :acclaim:




























So that was my little bit of coin drama for today......what's your story???

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My story is an anticlimax to Shane's story, still it has stuck in my memory.


I used to seriously collect coins from 8-12 years old. I had purchased a slick King George coin for a couple of dollars. I knew it wasn't worth much but I wanted an old coin. I had shop in eighth grade and I buffed the coin on the buffing wheel. No value to destroy. It was confiscated by the shop teacher but returned later. I had put it up for sale on the bid board at my local coin shop where it brought 50C. OK, end of story.


Not quite. It was a few years later where I found the exact coin that had been buffed in a junk basket at an outdoor flea market. I bought it--again. But I have no idea whatever happened to it.

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(thumbs u Very nice set there Shane and I am sure quite a rewarding surprise. For me just being fortunate enough to have my father's collection to learn from, enjoy and further enhance has given me limitless Out of Body Coin Experiences.


The one that really lit the fire beneath me with the hobby and carrying on the tradition was my first submittal to NGC (first submittal to any grading company). It included an 1835 B-2 Capped Bust Lettered Edge Quarter which graded MS - 64 a Top Pop for NGC graded coins. I was floored.



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I opened up a 58 mint set today too. What a Coincidence Shane! My camera batteries died, so all I got is the Franklin half now.


The reverse was the side showing in the set.




Now this was the hidden side!



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Here's some more from the same set. Nothing spectacular, but for the price I couldn't pass up! :grin:































Some P mint Stuff:















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Fun stuff, Jon!


My best recent example of being in the right place at the right time was in mid-April. I still had 4 open spots left in my Franklin set. All 4 date/mm are either years when they didn't make mint sets, 1950-D, or dates after 1958; 1959-D, 1960-D, 1961-D, when all the mint sets were switched over to cellophane flatpack packaging, so it is VERY difficult to find coins with nice toning for these date/mm.


My youngest daughter was involved in a swimmeet, and she had a couple hour break between two of her races. There was a B&M within walking distance of the pool, so to while away the time I wandered over to it. They normally don't have much in the way of slabbed coins, and their raw coins tend to be overpriced. So I just settled down with a couple of boxes of low grade raw coins (SL, Peace $, Franklins etc.) to mainly while away the time. After finding a couple of fun circulated dimes (including the SL I gave you Shane) for not too ridiculous prices, on a total whim I asked to see their slabbed material. After browsing through one cardboard box of pretty much junk slabs I started looking in another, and there were not 1, not 2 but 3 nicely toned 1959-D Franklins (with different types of toning) in NGC MS65. It was a, "Wow" moment. I bought the best 2 of them for VERY reasonable prices given their toning.

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I traded the second one. My favorite one is at Bob's, so at some point there should be some pictures of it.

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