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7070 stuff

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So, a while back I was considering whether to go with the Dansco 7070 or with the Intercept Shield Type Album.


After some recommendations being made both here and ATS, I decided to go with the Intercept Shield version.


Interesting enough, the IS version has quite a few more coins in it. 100 altogether with some holes for some future coins.


On top of that, OFFMETAL posted that he had made an excel spreadsheet for the 7070. So, of course I asked for it and then modified it for the IS version.


These are both available for you here:


Intercept Shield with Gold page

Intercept Shield without Gold Page


I'm pretty sure all the formulas are correct, but if you find any that you think are wrong, please let me know, I'll update them and put up new copies for download.


Oh and ... Victor... when you decide to get your IS album... I know you will, you're gonna love it... the only problem I've found is that some of the slides are hard to put in with the coins and the coin holes are very tight for the most part.

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Yep, I really liked it when I saw it for the first time. Good move, I think.


Bummer about the tight slots, though.


I don't see me undertaking this endeavor, however. My registry set is costly enough. It sprung from the Dansco 7070 as most of you know. So, I'll keep chuggin' away on my type set knowing that since the 1792 half dime, among other stoppers, will keep me from ever completing it 100%. But, oh well, I don't make the rules.

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As requested, some pix. If you're really interested in seeing something up close, let me know. There are some semi cool coins in there. The only large cent I have is counterstamped n/a. I know there are some people out there who dig that, but it's a dug up coin so it has enviro damage. The V nick with cents is a 12-S. The Jefferson is a proof and is a beautiful purple toner. The 20 cent piece is cleaned. The two top half dollars cost me a buck... yep, a buck together, from a till at a grocery store. The Franky is a cameo as well as the 64 Kennedy, the Kennedy has an interesting tone spot on the obverse that looks like the spot on a peacox tail. The clad half is a 65 cameo! My state quarter is a PR Silver Texas quarter... of course... being from Texas what else would I put in that slot? Just got my arrows quarter today so that makes 63%, although, you'll probably notice there are only 62 coins there since my 1862 indian cent is currently soaking in olive oil to see if that will help with some crud that's on it. Of course, my Dollars and my gold are lonely. The $1 gold are ex-jewelry and are placekeepers for some future hopefuls. Like I mentioned before, some of the holes are tight, way tight... and some are loose, and some of the coins have already rotated and they've only been in there maybe 2 weeks.


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