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Can NCS do anything for AT or AC coins

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Conserving artificially toned coins can pose a dilemma. Coins are often toned artificially in an attempt to hide a different problem. Sometimes the problem being hidden is something that will not prevent a coin from grading but will impact the grade negatively like a contact mark. Most often, however, the color is added in an attempt to hide a major problem such as improper cleaning, a scratch, or environmental damage that will prevent the coin from grading with NGC.


When we receive a coin that is artificially toned in for conservation, the evaluators will attempt to see what the underlying problem may be. If it is hiding a irrervisible problem such as the improper cleaning or environmental damage, the prognosis would most likely be to not conserve the coin. It is better to have a colored coin, though artificial, than a coin with perhaps a much more distateful problem such as improper cleaning.


Chris, NCS

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I'd post a picture but that probably wouldn't help you. One coin I'm concerned about,I can't tell under the toning whether it's been cleaned.No way is there physical damage.

I'm not even sure the toning is artificial. It looks like the Obverse is legit but the reverse may not be? Funny thing,this coin I'm talking about is the almost opposite toned twin of one I have in an NGC MS 64 holder.

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