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Having trouble figuring out costs for service.

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Coin value $950

Presently in NGC slab.

Problem: Dull with minimal marks. Looking for improvement of appearance.


Want evaluation, conservation if necessary or advisable, reholder by NGC, no report of procedure, no hurry on return.


Zip code for me is 95621


What would be the COMPLETE cost for getting this done and returned to me?



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Our fees can be somewhat variable. Estimating your fees for conserving a coin can be simple once you have arrived at a declared value. Your declared value should be a reasonable amount you would expect to pay if you had to replace your coin.


Our fees for conservation are based on a percentage of your declared value. For the evaluation of the coin to see that work would be beneficial to your coin and that work is possible, the fee is 1% of your declared value. The conservation work is then charged a fee of 2% of your declared value. Grade protection for already certified coins had previously been an extra charge but is now included in your conservation fee. If your coin is to be transferred to and graded by NGC, you will be charged for the regular NGC tier based on your declared value. This fee will come to you separately from NGC. You will then be charged for the postage and insurance to return the coin to you.


For the coin in your example with a declared value of $950 that is already graded and certified, the fee for the evaluation would be $9.50. If your coin is conserved, the fee would be an additional $19.00. To be re-graded by NGC, your coin will go under the Early Bird Tier, which would be an additional separate charge from NGC. Then add the postage to return your coin. Add all of these fees together, and you would have the total fee for the complete conservation of your coin.


If your coin is evaluated and it is determined to be best left as is without any conservation work, your charges will be the 1% evalation charge, $9.50 according to this example coin, and the return postage.


I hope this helps you in estimating your conservation charges. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding the conservation of your coins.


Chris, NCS Customer Service



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