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I just bought my first OVERDATE, so Post yours!!!

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Hey all. I just bought this one from JJ Teaparty, I can't wait to get it. I think overdates are mighty cool, but I haven't ever bought one. This one will fit nicely in my collection of choice original CBHs. So, guess the grade and post your favorite overdate! (BTW it is an 1829/7 for those of you who don't know)


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Nice one, I would say EF 40. I have only one overdate compliments of Zach.


1819 9/8 Cent (has been posted before, wish I had more overdates)


Sorry for the small images, need to re-image this one so the overdate is visible.






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Jason, congrats on the overdate! :applause: I don't even own one. How about a slanted date instead?




Some FUN overdates everyone! I particularly like the 1858, Larry. :golfclap:

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1812/1 Large 8...

If you can see the overdate on the large 8 1812/1 then you don't have one. Instead, it is probably an early O-105. The best pickup point is that on the reverse the N is recut. This is seen extending left from the lower right stand of the N going towards the lower right serif of the left stand of the N. (Also seen on small 8 12/1 which uses the same reverse die.) On the obverse, the distance between star 13 and the numeral 2 is less than the height of the large 8. This is the only obverse die from 1812 where this is true.




Here is another coin that I could not in any way afford to buy today. Not only has the market value tripled since I bought it in the early 90's, but the grade itself has probably improved by at least 8 points due to gradeflation. It was a PCGS XF-45 when I bought it.






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Is this thread about your first overdate, or overdates in general? hm




Kewl! :grin:


1819/8 O-104, my most recent (as opposed to my first posted b4)




1808/7, perhaps my favorite:




1812/1 small 8




1829/27 O-102





1818/17 O-102a






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WOW! Sharp looking busties there. (worship) Overdates fascinate me, though I can claim only 1 or 2 minor overdates in the seated lib. series...if I remember correctly. Guess I will have to go look them up and see if they will show with my VERY limited photo skills.


By the way, that 1918/17 buffalo is nothing to sneeze at either.


Nice coins, guys!!!!



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