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Sarasota Coin Show report

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Spent the afternoon cruising around the show here in Sarasota and had a really fun time. Compared to the ANA show at Baltimore, this was a small show, but nevertheless, it was bigger than some I have been to in the past.


This was a more collector-level show than Baltimore was and there was a lot of good material to be seen at decent prices. While you'd be hard pressed to find Pan Pac $50s or $4 Stellas, there was a bit of gold floating around, and a LOT of US type in just about any grade you could want.


Since I've been in a flux of sorts with moving and all, I didn't have a whole lot to play with moneywise (I ended up spending about $150 and called it good), but I got a decent amount for my money.


4 nice BU - BU/FB Mercs that will be a Christmas present for my fiance (who is working on a Merc set)

9 nice full LIBERTY, problem free F-VF V Nickels (4 of which went into my set... 1899, 1910, 1911, and 1912D)

5 circulated Wheat Semi Keys for two of my Wheat Sets (which are now within 8 and 9 coins respectively from completion)

Edit: 1 Nice F-12 Indian Cent bought out of a "junk box" (I tend to try and find Full LIBS for a cheaper price if I can) that ended up being a date needed for my F+ set.


Business there was steady... not too crowded, but a nice flow of people and overall was a very enjoyable show.


One other note... I saw one table had a bunch of toned coins (most slabbed), including a 1996D Jefferson that was a DEEP almost electric purple color (PCGS slabbed). I thougt about it but didn't by it. The reasons for and against were the same...while the toning was amazing, there's just no way I can think of that a 7 year old coin would ave toned the way it did naturally.


I can't wait till the next one!

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This show had a nice mix of dealers, and there was good material there. It looked like only a few dealers had left by the end of today. Tomorrow (Sunday) should be a good day to find something, but you will need to get there early. Between the fact that the dealers will have been there for two days, plus the Tampa football game, some people will be heading out by noon.

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Bill is correct about how football games can effect show attendance. I will have a table at the Parsippany, NJ show tomorrow and can tell you that if the Giants or Jets are playing an early game then the show will clear out by the time the game starts.

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Well, I did all my "show shopping" today. It was actually rather fun. I've been working so hard on the upper end of my collection, I had almost forgotten how nice it was to go in and get a handful of nice circulated, problem free early 20th century pieces and under $10 each.


I also got one other "decoration" item at the show... that being a little bottle of gold flakes. The bottle is about 3 inches high and the diameter of a half dollat and is about 1/3rd filled with flakes (in water).


It was an enjoyable show.

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