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grading question.....

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does toning effect to over all grade of a coin?

I have a silver eagle that is compairable to my other ms70's i have, stike and over all look wise. But, there is one small area (under 10X) that appears to be toning (goldish color). Does something like this drop it down a point.


Thanks for the help as I'm still a rookie to this. I will try and get a good pic and post asap.



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Technically, it shouldn't.


Realistically, it can. I'm not sure about moderns like this but that small bit of tone shouldn't affect the grade. It may, however, limit who you could sell it to since many modern collectors want blast white coins.


On most coins tone does not affect the grade at all. But extreemly nice tone or extreemly nasty tone can cause the grading services to adjust the grade a point or two.

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Eye appeal is a component of the grade for all coins, so whatever toning is on a coin will contribute in a positive, negative or neutral way to eye appeal.

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I don't think the toning on your SAE will limit the grade. I have a 1993-P Jefferson Commemorative that is graded PCGS MS69 and it has some obvious rim toning. This coin would have certainly graded MS70 if not for the imperfection in the letter E in the word architect on the obverse. The toning on this coin is neither positive or negative, it is neutral with respect to grade.




However, I do agree with RGT when he says that most modern coin collectors want their coins to be blast white completely devoid of toning. This is perfectly fine by me because then i get coins like this one without paying an arm and a leg. On this coin, there is a rather large and obvious mark on the flag just to the right of miss liberty's hip. I personally think that the mark is large enough to drop the coin to an MS68. But as Tom pointed out, the toning on this coin positively affects the eye appeal, and may have influenced the graders to give the coin an MS69.




Hope this helped you. If not, just enjoy the coins. Take care.

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