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A transaction on E Bay.

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I just had something happen on E Bay and wonder if anybody had heard of this situation. I bid on a coin. It was offered a s a Bin for $89.99 and a starting bid of $79.99.


nobody had bid on the coin and so in the last several seconds I bid $81.99. When I confirmed it U got a message that " the biddings were invalid as bidding exceeded the Bin but if I wanted the coin I could pay the Bin Price. This was an EBay generated message.


I don't know who would bid more than the Bin Price in the same auction even though I have seen people exceed the Bin Price in other auctions for the same coin.

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Are you sure you didn't enter $91.99 by accident? A similar incident happened to me once before, and I received the same message from eBay.


In my case, the auction originated in France and it was in Euros. I entered "50.00", but they don't use the decimal point in Europe. They use a comma. I guess it confused eBay, so they entered my bid as "5,000". The BIN was 75 Euros. So, they ended the auction and I became the winner for the BIN. I contacted the seller, politely explained the situation and my erroneous bid was retracted. The seller sold it to me for 50 Euros, anyway.



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