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Could this Barber dime be helped?

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I'm interested in the possibility of having one of my favorite Barber dimes conserved. It has very small green spots, that I'm assuming are PVC, attached to many small edges of the detail. All the spots except for the ones on the face are nearly impossible to see without magnification. There is also a small black spot on the obverse and on the reverse.


I have attached two images of the coin. I am hoping to get a good opinion as to whether the NCS conservation could help this particular coin look better. Thanks very much!



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Chances are good conservation could help your coin. I would not, of course, be able to say for certain without actually seeing the coin. The raised nature of the green spots would tend to make me believe it is something other than PVC.


Chris, NCS

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Hello again,


Here's my question: I want to sign up with Collector's Society to submit this coin to NCS and then to NGC. When signing up, I will get a coupon for 5 free NGC submissions and I understand from searching these forums that I can submit the coupon with the NCS submission and it will be used for the NGC grading. That would be one of the 5 that have to be submitted at the same time. Suppose I had 4 coins I wanted to be graded by NGC, but do not need conserving by NCS, and I'd like to make use of the remaining 4 free NGC submissions from the coupon. Could I submit them all to NCS with instructions that all are to be graded by NGC, but only one or two specific coins are to be conserved?



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