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1970 S DDO Lincoln FS29 - the big one

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i've asked about this coin at 2 different lincoln forums.. just not enough traffic.




any idea as to about how many exist? i'm researching this one, i want to know more


PCGS has 22 slabbed i think (12/06), 10/07 doesnt include it at all


NGC has slabbed 6




ICG - ?


third rarest lincoln apparently.. behind the 58, and 69S ddo's


here's one that just sold today for $1500..






the big pic above is the coin in that auction i got after the auction.


overall this variety doesn't seem to be a 'monster' (besides UNC's) but i could see it becoming one? 5 figure range.. if it became a little more 'famous'. definitley a sstopperr though.



anyone know this coin..? what do you think of that auction?


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i see u like pennies, me tooo :luhv: i dont know much about her, but 1500 seems like a steal. very unique in my book. anyone with info chime in as im very interested also :grin:


' While I don't have a solid count on these, I would estimate that no more than two dozen of these are known in any grade.


I suspect that this die failed at that die crack very early on in the die run, after only a couple dozen pieces were struck. '


here's a little info i've got.. there's more at the lincoln forums about it. my new favorite coin..

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