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The Satisfaction Of Unexpected Customer Service

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I'm still much the newbie in this hobby as an adult.


I am not new to understanding and evaluating "customer service" and how important it is to Client Satisfaction and retained business.


I just wanted to take a moment to share with you that while I have participated on the boards here and moreso across the street; I've recently joined NGC and in fact have my first submission to them en route (or there?).


In addition, I've struggled through the process of adding my two focussed sets to the NGC Registry. It is nice to have a place to virtually organize them. I chose to use the NGC Registry since they accept both PCGS and NGC coins. The fact is that most of my slabbed coins are in fact PCGS but didn't want to limit myself to only buying PCGS.


Sorry, I got a little off topic. At any rate since starting to post some coins to the NGC Registry, I received unsolicited emails offering assistance from NGC. They offered help and solutions AND they acted fast.


Honestly I was shocked to receive the unsolicited emails from them offering to address a concern or whatever I might have mentioned in a post.


This is such a refreshing change from what I've grown accustomed to at a different grading service.


I just want to say a public THANK YOU.


Richard Shipp

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I received unsolicited emails offering assistance from NCG.
That's good, I suppose, but who is "NCG"? :devil:


Oops... even after you pointed it out, it still took me a minute to figure out the mistake.


Thanks for your unsolicited correction ;)

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Customer service is king! Even in the medical field, I treat my patients like customers. Occasionally I'll have to bite my tongue but 99.9% of the time my work personality will put them at ease and they'll usually have a smile on their face. Regardless of the commodity, one must cater to the customer while offering a quality product to really succeed. I'm puzzled at how coin dealers like John Paul Sarossi can stay in business, you know the one's who are rude, uncaring and will just assume curse you than look at you.


NGC certainly has far outpaced PCGS in regard to customer service. (thumbs u

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Victor, I'm sure many of your patients may have cancer or some other serious disease that they are concerned about. That may be what is making them a little anxious when you see them. I remember when I had cancer about (10) years ago and my first trip for an ultrasound was not a very happy moment. I always try to be pleasant to people though, especially Medical Techs., they are doing their job and most do it cheerfully.

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