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designating toned pre 1950 proofs as cameo question for john!!

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would ngc designate an alreasy graded ngc proof merc dime as cameo if the coin is cameo but the reverse is rose rim toned and otherwise blast whie

and the obverse is light to medium toned but the main center of the coin is white and cameo/


if you would like to comment on the above and/or in general it would be most apprecaited


sincerely michael

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As you probably know proof Mercury Dimes are very seldom encountered in full cameo. The vast majority have no cameo at all, but occasionally you'll see one with a slight cameo contrast that doesn't quite make the standard for cameo. frown.gif

On rare occasion, and I do mean rare, a real cameo coin is found. smile.gif

Anyone that desires to have a coin reviewed for a designation such as cameo, can submit the coin for Designation Review, the fee for which is $10. Your question about how toning will affect the cameo designation is an excellent one. Generally, if the toning hides all or nearly all of the cameo on either obverse or reverse, then the coin will not recieve a cameo designation. With that said, if enough of the cameo is showing to make what we believe is a sound determination, we will call it cameo. Keep in mind, that while a cameo proof Merc dime will not exhibit the intense contrast of a cameo Roosevelt dime, a partial cameo won't cut it. I hope this helps. wink.gif


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