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Why does CoinWorld Trends always seem to be Hyper-Inflated?

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I was looking up some values for a coin I have to put in a spreadsheet I'm working on, and here's what I found:


Numismedia Value $58

PCGS Price Guide $140

CoinWorld Trends $2,500


What gives?


Edit: PCGS Price Guide on this coin is actually $140, I got the prices mixed up. Still, Trends seems to be way high!

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I would have to wonder if there was some sort of a mistake. I always check at least three sources such as Numismedia, Red Book and Coin trends/values and while they may differ by as much as 10-20% I have never seen any differ from $58.00 to $2500.00 . This is way too much.

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Coin World Trends, overall, is an accurate, fair, reliable price guide and one of the most detailed retail price guides there is. While it is not the only component of the pricing equation I consider, it is a good representation of current market value (CMV) for transactions involving a retail benchmark. Their online price guide allows one to build a portfolio / inventory and have pricing updated. Other price guides I use are the PCGS Price Guide (they show the bullion price their mods are based on) and CDN (for Bid Based items x retail tack on %). With the volatile bullion prices one will need to take Retail - BV to input to your spreadsheet and then add to current BV to get updated CMV. Price Guides are not the final word however, but a benchmark for application of ones own pricing concept.


Munkey I don't believe you know what you are talking about in regards to retail pricing and I question your comparison especially since you do not give a basis for the numbers. Did you get them from Bonzo? At least your not some ego inflated phony trying to shill up his price of 10x CMV simply because the coin has nice toning. I think you have to take into consideration different price guide prices in arriving at a concensus pricing decision on certain issues.


As a case in point - How would some of you price this 1937-D Texas for retail in MS 66:



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MunkyMan95---What coin and grade are you refering to?


I seem to have gotten to PCGS Price Guide mixed up for this coin, it lists at $140.


1945-S 5c NGC MS67


Numismedia is $58

PCGS Price Guide is $140

CoinWorld Trends is $2,500

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