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Another e-bay coin

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Item number >>>>>>> 280214724387


After the great help yesterday,I think I have learned a few things.

This coin looks pretty good....but it appears to either have been cleaned or dipped.

Or am I now a bit too cynical??

Also how is greatsouthern coins...no negative feedback on 2790 positives.



Thanks Again


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if this is a coin you are wondering about this would be best for tangent forum. and its much easier to look if you just copy and paste link :) it doesnt look bad to me. it does look to be dipped to me but i dont see harsh clean marks. maybe some1 else will tell me if im right :P

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The picture is so washed out that it is worthless to determine anything but details.


And....it seems that our advice to NOT buy raw coins fell on deaf ears. :sorry:


Oh well, we all have to go through the learning curve and hope that we learn enough before we loose our arse on bad coins.

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Not deaf....just learning.

Trying to see if a good looking coin has flaws,and apply some grading techniques using referances...as advised!! :)

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that learning curve is huge! there are some that have been in coins for 15+ yrs that are still in question when it comes to cleaning. i thaught it looked over dipped. when getting into the bust coins i buy only ORIGINAL looking coins if raw. i like them used looking. lots of sellers think that if there coin looks eye clean they will get more for it. lots of coins have been cleaned in past. like silver dollars most that made it to a casino were washed to keep the ladies prety white gloves clean.


this board is awsome for help. some may sound a lil harsh but they are only out to help. if you are interested in a coin and are not sure what to do copy and paste the link and the rest will happen naturaly :)


i still have problems with "cleaning" it is hard to tell cause there are so many ways to ruin a coin. lots of coins just look washed out and FLAT in color if you will. im not real big yet on the "cartwheel" effect . but im learning.


i dont know if i have done this so WELCOME to the wonderfull world of CS

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also when you start sending for grading and such, keep the bodybagged or non grade coins. i use mine for some sort of reference. it doesnt work all the time being they dont go into detail about why it bagged but it helps.


sometimes ( on a coin thats worth nothing ) you can do your own tests. find out for yourself what these problems look like.


*abrasive cleaning

*dipping and how it dulls coins


and so on.


remembering to use only junk coins for tests :P


here are a couple problem coins to look at! one is buffed and 1 is dipped to non saving.









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