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Why do I have a pocket full of clad and worthless paper?
That money in your pocket was made legal tender by Congress, not by a state.


The relevant provision is Article 1 Sec. 8, Clause 5, which says: "The Congress shall have Power * * * To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin * * *"


It doesn't place the specie limitations on Congressional power.which Article I Sec. 10 imposes on the States.


Whether it's good policy or not, it's constitutional!

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If anyone has problems with the "worthless" items in their pocket, I would be more than happy to take them from you. Just package them and send them to me. I have no problems with the items in my pocket (current economic policies not withstanding).


Scott :hi:

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Gee, more and more times as I leave the local convience stores, I see cents just strewn around in the parking lot...are people that lazy that they can't even put those few extra cents into the "Need a Penny, Take a Penny" tray?


Since my reflexes have dimished considerably and the flick of the gas pump handle registers .03, I really need those extra cents at the counter.


Let's have some consideration here lol

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